Workshop: Decorated Versal Letters with Peter Thornton

Decorated Versal Letters with Peter Thornton
2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $175 | Sat & Sun: Feb 8 & 9, 10am – 5pm
The desire to decorate lies within us all and for over 1500 years the letter has served us well. Beginning as a signpost to the reader it quickly became an object of beauty as an end in itself.
Using the wonderful letters of Adolf Bernd (1909 – 1994) for inspiration, and as a starting point, we shall examine 3 areas of his (and our) major interests: a) the backgrounds; b) the letterforms; and c) the color harmonies.
In this workshop, for ALL levels of ability, we shall begin with simple exercises in color unity and contrasts in shapes, patterns and themes of Adolf Bernd’s (and ours) choices which will lead to the decoration of both historic and/or contemporary letters.Throughout the workshop there will be demonstrations and examples related to water color techniques and AB’s work. A feature of the class will be to take/use colors from nature and transfer these onto our backgrounds and letters.

See you there!
~Atlanta Penablers

Peter Thornton Calligraphy Workshop: February 8-9, 2014


Dear Penablers,

Exciting news here – calligrapher Peter Thornton is coming to Atlanta for a weekend workshop February 8, & 9th, 2014. He’ll be leading us through “Decorated Versal Letters” and we’re so excited. More information coming soon about this new and exciting workshop.

Meantime, we’re looking for someone to host him while he’s here (FEB 7TH, 8TH,  & 9TH) so he’s well-rested and comfortable. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Jacob Gunter ( at Binders.

And many thanks to our volunteers at last weekend’s Penabler demo table for Artfolio 2013. A good time was had by all and I loved sitting next to each of you. Check out the fun pictures we took of our amazing and generous hands fast at work.

Much love to all,


2013 Artfolio Penabler Demo Table Volunteers Needed

artfolio2012penablersHello Penablers,

Remember the fun we had last year at the Penabler Demo table during Artfolio? Well, it’s time to do it again next weekend: November 2nd-3rd, 2013.


This year we have an official product sponsor: Dr. Ph. Martin’s liquid acrylic inks. YUMMY. Along with the tools and inks you love to use, you’ll have access to their solids and iridescent inks, which are quite versatile. I’ve used them for years and am thrilled they’ve reached out to sponsor our table this year.

Read below for more details. Even if you can’t demo – drop by that weekend to visit and feast your eyes on all the fun around you. Binders sure knows how to throw an art party. 🙂



There will be no official Atlanta Penabler meeting the first Friday the 1st of November. Instead, we’ll be participating in Artfolio on Saturday and Sunday, Novermber 2nd & 3rd. Read more below about what the party’s all about and how you can participate!


Binders has an event each year called Artfolio: a weekend of demonstrations and lectures. Many new art supplies, products, and tools are featured by artists and company reps from all over the country. It’s an art supply bizarre and a very fun one at that! Lot’s of promotions, coupons and special offers are available. Teachers come by looking for new techniques and materials, students come looking for inspiration. It’s a BLAST.

I’ve had a calligraphy table before and demoing quietly for the crowd has always been fun. This year, I want to transform the calligraphy table into The Atlanta Penablers Table. This means if you are a Penabler at ANY level of experience, you are encouraged to participate in this fabulous weekend and claim a seat at the table.

I’m sectioning the weekend (Saturday, Nov. 2nd: 9am-7pm & Sunday, Nov. 3rd: 11am-6pm) into just seven time slots (each slot is 2 hours). Simply pick the slot(s) you’d like to fill, bring your stuff and come on over. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

While you’re sitting, you can expect people to walk by and marvel at the amazing tools you’re using. They might ask you questions, make comments or simply sit quietly and watch. I find this whole experience gratifying, in that it gives me time to sit and focus on the pen and letter and to share the experience with others.

If you are a young calligrapher and find the idea intimidating, please don’t let that stop you. Would you rather sit next to me and use this as a time to brush up on skills? Want help with your caps? Trouble angling your pen? Your free 2-hour lesson is waiting for you.

If you are an experienced calligrapher and you’d really like to show me YOUR way with the pen, then come give ME the lesson! Or maybe you’d just relish the time to sit and do nothing but flourish, without the distractions of your home setting or business looming by.

I want people to walk by the table and go, “Wow. That’s so beautiful. These two people are sharing something and it’s fun. They’re working on their craft, sharing information, and are having a good time doing it. I’d like to try it.”

The overall message is community, of which you are a part.



PS: If we run out of slots, not to worry! Artfolio is open to the public and we’d love to see you at the table to say hi and to visit the store and see all the other fabulous products on display. Come join the party!

Artfolio is open to the public and we’d love to see you at the table to say hi and to visit the store and see all the other fabulous products on display. Come join the party!

Penabler Meeting Oct. 4: One Sheet Wonders

Microsoft Word - MATERIALS LIST FOR ONE SHEET WONDERS.docxOne Sheet Wonders! Friday, Oct 4 (6-8PM)

Joins us for our next Atlanta Penabler meeting on Friday, October 4th from 6-8PM as Penabler members Candace Harris and Karen Rothstein demonstrate “One Sheet Wonders!” Candace and Karen will show us how to make a book out of one sheet of 12″ square  paper. We’ll make at least 3 of these. As you all know, all calligraphy needs a place to live – so keep in mind some of the calligraphic expressions you can apply to these great mini projects. See you next Friday!

What to bring:

PAPER:  1 sheet 12” X 12” double sided scrapbooking paper for each mini book/wallet (this is usually card stock, which is fine).  We’ll try to get to 3 different ones. (Note: check the measurement of your paper; it must be exactly 12” square. Some scrapbooking paper is a little larger and must be trimmed.) Wrapping paper is too light weight and washi is too soft. Stampin Up online sells a light weight double sided card that is ideal for the mini wallet, but card weigh from a local craft store will work


• White glue or adhesive transfer tape


• Bone folder

• 12” ruler

• scissors and/or craft knife

• 12” cutting mat

• 1” circle punch if you have one


• Scoring board if you have one; not necessary but nice

• Ribbon or cord if you want to add a tie closure

• Scrapbooking embellishments

A Drink or Snack to Share

Becoming an Atlanta Penabler member is absolutely free! Click here to join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming meetings, demos and workshops.

Underneath Accomplishment is Playfulness


This recording of Alan Watts’ “Veil of Thoughts 3” is quite moving. Near the beginning, he suggests that the art of learning a skill begins with adopting the playfulness of a child. When we let go of the need to reach a goal, to LOOK hard instead of really SEEING with soft eyes, flexible muscles, and an open heart –  wonderful things begin to happen.

His first example of skill learning is practicing the art of calligraphy. It has to, first and foremost, feel good to simply make marks, loosen ourselves with the tools and enjoy the experience.

This application of thought can be applied to all areas of our lives. Try it today with one thing and see what happens. Whether you’re filling out mounds of paperwork, cleaning, purging, negotiating, making art, building business, falling asleep, eating… just try it.

Workshop: The Modern Calligraphic Brush with Carl Rohrs


The Modern Calligraphic Brush with Carl Rohrs

2 Sessions | All Levels| Price: $190
Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6, Sat. 10 – 4:30pm, Sun. 11 – 5

There is a Chinese saying: “The brush is more than we thought it should be.” Brush exploration and diligence will reward you beyond the expectations you have for it. This is a workshop about both the flat and pointed brush- throwing light on their mystery and surprise, as well as the texture it leaves behind that a pen can only dream about.

The incredible control and texture a flat brush offers can be a revelation and its precise response to the pressure that you supply will lead to the increased levels of calligraphic sophistication for which you’ve been longing – you have, haven’t you? Even though the forms it can produce are the same as pen-work, it performs very differently, so we’ll begin with what the brush requires for, rich, classic calligraphy. That will lead to the tricks that will enable you to achieve the angularity in modern styles that the pen arrives at in a very different way. Then we’ll head toward a new awareness of stroke weight control that will provide unlimited qualities of lightness and boldness to ALL our lettering styles: caps and scripts.