The Enchanted Letter workshop with Heather Held

Hello, fellow inkers!

August 6th is the last day you’ll be able to register for Heather Held’s Enchanted Letter workshop on Sep 6th & 7th. This course is appropriate for ALL LEVELS, so yep- you’re invited! Heather was the first instructor to teach me to flourish. All those little leaves and feathers and flowers you’ve seen me do, come from her. Heather takes what looks like a complicated endeavor, and breaks it down into logical and easy steps. She does it softly, with grace, candor, wisdom, and encouragement.  

Scroll down to the very bottom to see recent work Heather will be deconstructing for us during the class. Yummy, no?! Come sit next to me and we’ll make these things together!

A note from Heather about the class:
“This is one of my favourite courses to teach. We explore The Embedded Script Letterform, Foliate Letters and Florentine Foliate Extensions among other things!”

2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $175 | Max.16
ARTZ1499 | Saturday & Sunday, September 6 & 7, Sat. 10am – 4pm, Sun. 11am – 4pm 

Want to read more? Details below.

Remember Heather Held coming last year to teach us Spencerian Script? Well, she’s coming back again this Fall in September for the weekend of the 6th & 7th to teach us more about the contemporary illuminated letter in her workshop, The Enchanted Letter. Seats are still on sale through the Binders Art School, where we hold our meetings and workshops.

If you happened to miss her last year, you can read more about Heather by visiting her site and by reading the lovely Penabler interview: The Peace Behind The Pen, which gave us an inviting and beautiful glimpse inside her interior.
Heather is a gentle teacher, with solid and concrete advice to get your pen moving in the way it needs to. She teaches with patience, grace, and positive energy. We are so happy to have her back once again and I sincerely hope to see as many of you there as possible. This workshop is open to ALL levels, so if you’re at all nervous about your right or ability to take part in this engaging workshop, please don’t be. Come sit next to me and let’s have a wonderful time.
To read more about the workshop, details are below.
2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $175 | Max.16
ARTZ1499 | Saturday & Sunday, September 6 & 7, Sat. 10am – 4pm, Sun. 11am – 4pm 
This workshop is an exploration in designing and decorating a contemporary illuminated letter. The letters are based on a rounded script alphabet and transformed into meandering ribbons or graceful leaves. The student will be guided through the pencil design stage of their own unique letter as well as the decorative foliate extension. The design can be embellished with a simple 23K gilding technique or gold gouache. Pointed pen flourishes are added to the design, which is further embellished with color. The final design is evocative of the graceful capital letters found in Victorian illustrated books. Knowledge of the pointed pen as well as any rounded script alphabet is very helpful in this class although an exemplar will be provided.
Instructor Bio:

Heather Victoria Held is a freelance lettering artist and Ornamental Penmanship instructor who teaches throughout North America. She has been on the faculty of International Calligraphy Conferences and is an active member of The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. Her work has been featured Romantic Homes, Somerset Studio, Bound and Lettered, The Spencerian Review, The Penman’s Journal and Pen World Magazine. Her work is in private collections throughout the world.