December 6th, 2013 Penabler Meeting: Holiday Garland

Dear Penablers!
Our next meeting will be Friday, December 6th from 6-8Pm. We’ll be making a miniature version of a holiday garland you can make with supplies you’ve already got at home. This garland’s message made with capital letterforms of any hand, can be made at any scale. Both small and large can store flat and be mailed easily. I’ve mailed larger ones in a FedEx envelope to out of town relatives. A small one is wonderful, too, and great for tighter spaces. Your garland can also be two-sided, displaying holiday cheer in two languages, uniting two families, countries, or celebrating the arrival of twins…
What will yours say? Here are some suggestions:
• Bah, Humbug • Noel • Merry Christmas • Whatever • Peace • Happy Holidays • Happy New Year
Come on the 6th with holiday cheer (or not!), a snack or drink to share, and the supplies listed below.
• Colored paper in a palette you enjoy.
• Calligraphic tools and ink
• adhesives (glue, tape, stapler)
• scissors/xacto knife
• String, thin ribbon, or twine
Optional items:
• hole punch
• greenery (real or plastic) I’ve got some to share.  
See you soon!