Workshop: Decorated Versal Letters with Peter Thornton

Decorated Versal Letters with Peter Thornton
2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $175 | Sat & Sun: Feb 8 & 9, 10am – 5pm
The desire to decorate lies within us all and for over 1500 years the letter has served us well. Beginning as a signpost to the reader it quickly became an object of beauty as an end in itself.
Using the wonderful letters of Adolf Bernd (1909 – 1994) for inspiration, and as a starting point, we shall examine 3 areas of his (and our) major interests: a) the backgrounds; b) the letterforms; and c) the color harmonies.
In this workshop, for ALL levels of ability, we shall begin with simple exercises in color unity and contrasts in shapes, patterns and themes of Adolf Bernd’s (and ours) choices which will lead to the decoration of both historic and/or contemporary letters.Throughout the workshop there will be demonstrations and examples related to water color techniques and AB’s work. A feature of the class will be to take/use colors from nature and transfer these onto our backgrounds and letters.

See you there!
~Atlanta Penablers