2013 Artfolio Penabler Demo Table Volunteers Needed

artfolio2012penablersHello Penablers,

Remember the fun we had last year at the Penabler Demo table during Artfolio? Well, it’s time to do it again next weekend: November 2nd-3rd, 2013.


This year we have an official product sponsor: Dr. Ph. Martin’s liquid acrylic inks. YUMMY. Along with the tools and inks you love to use, you’ll have access to their solids and iridescent inks, which are quite versatile. I’ve used them for years and am thrilled they’ve reached out to sponsor our table this year.

Read below for more details. Even if you can’t demo – drop by that weekend to visit and feast your eyes on all the fun around you. Binders sure knows how to throw an art party. 🙂



There will be no official Atlanta Penabler meeting the first Friday the 1st of November. Instead, we’ll be participating in Artfolio on Saturday and Sunday, Novermber 2nd & 3rd. Read more below about what the party’s all about and how you can participate!


Binders has an event each year called Artfolio: a weekend of demonstrations and lectures. Many new art supplies, products, and tools are featured by artists and company reps from all over the country. It’s an art supply bizarre and a very fun one at that! Lot’s of promotions, coupons and special offers are available. Teachers come by looking for new techniques and materials, students come looking for inspiration. It’s a BLAST.

I’ve had a calligraphy table before and demoing quietly for the crowd has always been fun. This year, I want to transform the calligraphy table into The Atlanta Penablers Table. This means if you are a Penabler at ANY level of experience, you are encouraged to participate in this fabulous weekend and claim a seat at the table.

I’m sectioning the weekend (Saturday, Nov. 2nd: 9am-7pm & Sunday, Nov. 3rd: 11am-6pm) into just seven time slots (each slot is 2 hours). Simply pick the slot(s) you’d like to fill, bring your stuff and come on over. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

While you’re sitting, you can expect people to walk by and marvel at the amazing tools you’re using. They might ask you questions, make comments or simply sit quietly and watch. I find this whole experience gratifying, in that it gives me time to sit and focus on the pen and letter and to share the experience with others.

If you are a young calligrapher and find the idea intimidating, please don’t let that stop you. Would you rather sit next to me and use this as a time to brush up on skills? Want help with your caps? Trouble angling your pen? Your free 2-hour lesson is waiting for you.

If you are an experienced calligrapher and you’d really like to show me YOUR way with the pen, then come give ME the lesson! Or maybe you’d just relish the time to sit and do nothing but flourish, without the distractions of your home setting or business looming by.

I want people to walk by the table and go, “Wow. That’s so beautiful. These two people are sharing something and it’s fun. They’re working on their craft, sharing information, and are having a good time doing it. I’d like to try it.”

The overall message is community, of which you are a part.



PS: If we run out of slots, not to worry! Artfolio is open to the public and we’d love to see you at the table to say hi and to visit the store and see all the other fabulous products on display. Come join the party!

Artfolio is open to the public and we’d love to see you at the table to say hi and to visit the store and see all the other fabulous products on display. Come join the party!