Workshop: The Modern Calligraphic Brush with Carl Rohrs


The Modern Calligraphic Brush with Carl Rohrs

2 Sessions | All Levels| Price: $190
Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6, Sat. 10 – 4:30pm, Sun. 11 – 5

There is a Chinese saying: “The brush is more than we thought it should be.” Brush exploration and diligence will reward you beyond the expectations you have for it. This is a workshop about both the flat and pointed brush- throwing light on their mystery and surprise, as well as the texture it leaves behind that a pen can only dream about.

The incredible control and texture a flat brush offers can be a revelation and its precise response to the pressure that you supply will lead to the increased levels of calligraphic sophistication for which you’ve been longing – you have, haven’t you? Even though the forms it can produce are the same as pen-work, it performs very differently, so we’ll begin with what the brush requires for, rich, classic calligraphy. That will lead to the tricks that will enable you to achieve the angularity in modern styles that the pen arrives at in a very different way. Then we’ll head toward a new awareness of stroke weight control that will provide unlimited qualities of lightness and boldness to ALL our lettering styles: caps and scripts.


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