Underneath Accomplishment is Playfulness


This recording of Alan Watts’ “Veil of Thoughts 3” is quite moving. Near the beginning, he suggests that the art of learning a skill begins with adopting the playfulness of a child. When we let go of the need to reach a goal, to LOOK hard instead of really SEEING with soft eyes, flexible muscles, and an open heart –  wonderful things begin to happen.

His first example of skill learning is practicing the art of calligraphy. It has to, first and foremost, feel good to simply make marks, loosen ourselves with the tools and enjoy the experience.

This application of thought can be applied to all areas of our lives. Try it today with one thing and see what happens. Whether you’re filling out mounds of paperwork, cleaning, purging, negotiating, making art, building business, falling asleep, eating… just try it.

Workshop: The Modern Calligraphic Brush with Carl Rohrs


The Modern Calligraphic Brush with Carl Rohrs

2 Sessions | All Levels| Price: $190
Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6, Sat. 10 – 4:30pm, Sun. 11 – 5

There is a Chinese saying: “The brush is more than we thought it should be.” Brush exploration and diligence will reward you beyond the expectations you have for it. This is a workshop about both the flat and pointed brush- throwing light on their mystery and surprise, as well as the texture it leaves behind that a pen can only dream about.

The incredible control and texture a flat brush offers can be a revelation and its precise response to the pressure that you supply will lead to the increased levels of calligraphic sophistication for which you’ve been longing – you have, haven’t you? Even though the forms it can produce are the same as pen-work, it performs very differently, so we’ll begin with what the brush requires for, rich, classic calligraphy. That will lead to the tricks that will enable you to achieve the angularity in modern styles that the pen arrives at in a very different way. Then we’ll head toward a new awareness of stroke weight control that will provide unlimited qualities of lightness and boldness to ALL our lettering styles: caps and scripts.

Color For Calligraphy with Jes Gordon – Sept. 6th, 2013 Penabler Meeting

JessicaGordonPortraitOur next September Penabler meeting is Friday, September 6th from 6-8PM at Binders Art School. We’ve a special night planned with Artist and Color Specialist Jes Gordon, who will demonstrate and guide us through an evening of color exploration and discovery – a subject we cal all relate to. Read below for details!

Color for Calligraphy with Jes Gordon

Learn to expand your sense of creative color in your paper and ink choices.  We will discuss the ins and outs of color mixing so you know how to make the perfect color. Discover how the tools of the trade can help you to create better color palettes. There is always more to learn about color and how it interacts in different forms (ie – paper, paint, ink, etc), so why not start here?

What to bring?

  • sketchbook or notebook for taking notes and collecting hand-outs
  • different papers you have always wanted to use
  • your favorite papers
  • your calligraphy materials
  • a variety of inks and paints that you use for calligraphy
  • a snack or drink to share