Blooming Brushes

Blooming BrushesJoin us for our next Atlanta Penabler meeting, Blooming Brushes on Friday, August 2nd from 6-8PM for an evening of experimentation with the brush. Whether you’re a broad edge or pointed pen enthusiast, there’s a brush out there waiting for you.

We’ll discuss the numerous advantages to using a brush, over a steel nib, bamboo shoot, or quill and demonstrate with each other the possibilities a brush gives you in both texture, weight, and size.

We’ll also give a quick recap of Barbara Calzolari’s most recent American Cursive Handwriting workshop. Take a look at the fun we had here!

And don’t forget, Carl Rhors will be with us in October for a weekend brush workshop, so dive deep with us and be prepared for your calligraphic hand to be liberated by the movement and grace of the brush. If you’d like to be updated personally about sign-up availability for Carl’s workshop, please contact Jacob Gunter at

What to bring:

• Paper (as large as possible)

• Pencil & eraser

• Ink

• Brushes (old, new, flat (for broad edge) or round (for pointed pen), watercolor, Pentel Color Brush, or Niji Waterbrushes)

• A snack or drink to share

• Yo Bad Self

See you there!


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