The Art of the Letter



Join us for our next Atlanta Penablers meeting Friday, June 7th, 2013 • 6-8pm at Binders Art School in Buckhead.

“The Art of the Letter” Learn how to elevate your own natural handwriting into a more elastic and expressive way to communicate. Using common writing tools of any kind, your voice on paper can turn into an enchanting, expressive and more legible art form. By adding time, rhythm, and structure to the letterforms you naturally make, whether cursive or blocky caps, the exercises on spacing for the page and for your letters will add to your correspondence toolbox.

What to Bring

• Common writing tools of any kind (pens and pencils.)

• Ruled or grid paper.

• Mechanical pencil, ruler, and eraser

• Transparent practice pad such as Borden & Riley Layout pad or Canson Marker Layout Pad.

• A snack or drink to share

• Yo Bad Self

• Optional Items: 1.Your calligraphic tools for broad edge or pointed pen, to intermix with the handwriting you’ll be developing during the meeting 2. Envelopes.

To become an Atlanta Penabler member just visit or contact Jacob Gunter at or 404.237.6331 (x203) 

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