Dear Penablers,

You are invited to participate in a calligraphy exhibit at Binders Limelight Gallery called LetterSpace. This will be a joint show with Penablers and FOTA presenting. July will mark the first anniversary of the Atlanta Penablers and we want to celebrate with this group show. Our friends at FOTA have done so much to lay the ground work for Atlanta’s calligraphic community and this is a great opportunity to show our solidarity with these amazing groups of creatives.

Your voice matters, as does the expression of that voice, especially when written with ink onto a surface. That’s what we do here, help facilitate that expression and we do it together, at ALL levels of experience. As your development grows and you acquire more sills, it’s important to take a snapshot of each moment’s growth spurt. This snapshot is what tells the world where and who you are, and it also encourages others to do the same. We are a community of growers and nurturers. We uplift each other in meaningful ways. We are community.

If there is any part of you that is hesitant about framing a piece of calligraphic art and sharing it with us in Letterspace, we hope you’ll set your reservations aside and grace us with your presence by submitting work. This is not a juried show, and it’s so beautiful that many of you are new. All creative communities need new blood to grow and remain current, while honoring the tools, wisdom and techniques of the past. We want to see your work grace the walls of the Limelight Gallery.

If you would like to participate then please contact Anne Elser at anne@anneelser.com. She can hold your work until it’s ready to hang on Sunday, May 5th. Binders is also offering a framing discount of 40% for any artist who needs to frame a piece for the show! You have until May 5th to submit your work!

She can send you the Artwork Release Form should you wish to participate. The first several pages outline policies and procedures and the final pages provide space to document your artwork. If you have questions about the paperwork feel free to contact Jacob@Bindersart.com. For all other inquiries regarding the show please contact Anne@AnneElser.com.



Group Show

May | 2013

Show Dates: Monday, May 6th – Friday, May 31st

Install: Sunday, May 5th

Take Down: Saturday, June 1st

Reception: Friday, May 10th (6 – 8pm)                    


Monday, May 6th – Friday, May 31st

BINDERS Limelight Gallery presents:

“ L e t t e r  s p a c e ”

This is a joint exhibit featuring the work of the Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet and Atlanta Penablers.

Reception: Friday, May 10th (6 – 8pm)



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