The Inventive Inkwell: April 5th, 2013 Meeting

AnneElser_InventiveInkwell Join us for our next Atlanta Penablers meeting Friday, April 5th, 2013 • 6-8pm at Binders Art School in Buckhead.

“The Inventive Inkwell” Learn how to make a custom inkwell base out of corrugated cardboard for any size container. Anne Elser will demonstrate cutting and measuring techniques using an exacto blade, pencil, and ruler that produce results as good as any laser cutter. You can DO THIS!

What to Bring

• Xacto knife and very sharp blades

• Cutting Mat

• Non-slip ruler

• Mechanical pencil and eraser

• Glue (Elmers is fine)

• A snack or drink to share

• Yo Bad Self

Optional Items: Decorative paper and pens and your own plastic or glass container for inkwell – Anne will bring 1 plastic vial for everyone to keep and George will bring enough cardboard for all to use.

To become an Atlanta Penabler member just visit or contact Jacob Gunter at or 404.237.6331 (x203) 


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