March 1st, 2013 Meeting: A Snippet of Spencerian Script


Greetings Penablers!

Join us Friday, March 1 at 6:00 pm for a look at calligraphic eye candy as we delve into the graceful world of Spencerian script. Watch a brief slideshow of artwork in this uniquely American style of lettering by top artists from past and present, including Michael Sull, Bill Kemp, and Heather Held.

But that’s not all!  Experience what makes this lettering style feel so good to do as our beloved George Dorsey leads us through the process of learning the capital stem.

And after the fun you’ll have, we dare you not to sign up for Heather Held’s Spencerian Workshop in April!

Read more about Heather in her exclusive Penablers interview: The Peace Behind the Pen.

What to Bring:

·         Oblique pen holder

·         Pointed nibs

·         Practice paper

·         Black ink (one that makes good hairlines is best)

·         and a snack to share

See you then!

~Victoria, Anne, Jacob, Mary, and George

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