“Make It Metallic” with Victoria Lansford: January 4, 2013 Meeting Details

Make It Metallic:  Copper leaf illuminating made quick and creative

Join us for the January 4, 2013 Penablers meeting to learn a quick and easy gilding technique demonstrated by Victoria Lansford that will add light and beauty to your calligraphic designs without the cost or challenge of real gold.  We’ll use variegated (or plain) copper leaf to gild a letter or shape then add color around it to make the metal really pop.

Victoria Lansford Our Success(300)

What to bring:

• 5 x 7 piece of white cardstock or hot press watercolor paper

• Small cheap pointed brush (size 2 or 4)

• One blue, purple, green, or red marker, tube watercolor, or water soluble colored pencil (for coloring around the gilding)

• Mechanical pencil

• Eraser

• Verigated (or plain) copper or other non precious metal leaf (available at Binders)

• Schminke metal powder in any color (optional)

• You don’t have to have a shape or a letter design ahead of time, but if you’d like to have one ready, please keep it less than 2″ x 2″.  Note: wide spaces work better than hairlines.

• A snack or beverage to share

We’ll supply glassine and gilding base for everyone to use.

Hope to see you there!

~Victoria, Jacob, and Anne

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