Take a look at the Penabler Artfolio 2012 table snaps!

Check out all the inky goodness we Penablers got up to this past weekend at the Artfolio 2012 Atlanta Penabler table at Binders. It was a blast! Many thanks to all the talented and generous Penabler volunteers listed below and to those who stopped by for a visit to learn more about the calligraphic craft. We hope you have taken your first step into expressive writing and have found a new you with the Atlanta Penablers.

Stay tuned for news about our next Penabler meeting, “For the Table” on Friday, December 7th form 6-8PM. We’ll be doing a couple of projects you’ll find handy during the holiday season will feature ways to make your Holiday table guests feel warm, welcome, and completely enchanted with your thoughtfulness and rock-star calligraphic skillz.


Many thanks to:

Julia Mahood

Noah Macey

Hollis Wright

Carol Gray

Styron Pennywell

Carrie Keesling-Getz

Mamie Velez

Lee Thepmany

Mary Ferguson

Joel Becker-Sabik


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