Envelope Book Meeting Shots and Instructions

Our Meeting on September 7th was cozy and rewarding. Many beautiful Envelope Books were made. Penablers arrived with a variety of lovingly assorted vlopes featuring different palettes and themes. All day I’d heard from folks who, at the last minute, couldn’t make the meeting and we sorry to have missed such a fun project. If you were one of them, take heart! Directions on how to make your own Envelope Book can be found here. Feel free to share the good stuff and creatively inspire your friends.

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Candace Harris came in with printed envelopes, each with an engaging image or text. My favorite is the little red bird. She wants to use her book while she travels, to collect ephemera such as ticket stubbs, receipts, pamphlets, parking passes, etc., as keepsakes to remind her of the details of her trip. Pat Vidal presented a set of envelopes that had been fed through an inkjet printer featuring shots of her doggie’s sweet face.

George Dorsey (featured up top) brought in a set of beautiful oversized ivory envelopes and his stitches were so beautiful even and strong. As you can see, I still managed to include a pair of scissors in his shot, for George begged me once again to stop the amateurish attempt of hacking away of my own hair. He’s the real professional. 😀

Next up we have Eve London who stitched up a beautiful book with a strong, vibrant palette. Her diaphanous bow made a beautiful finishing touch and her envelopes were lovingly addressed in a variety of calligraphic hands. I wish I had had the opportunity to take a closer look at each one. This is the first time I got to meet Eve in person and she was really fun to sit with. She brought yummy homemade cheese biscuits and totally trumped my World Market chips and bag of taffy.

Lisa Buckalew’s charming mini book of smaller vlopes balanced well with a hearty white bow. Karen Rothstein added a beautiful ribbon rosebud to her set. Christina Swann chose a patriotic theme for her husband who is away serving our country. This book is for him to fill with their written correspondence.

As with any project, creative themes, functions, metaphors, and ephemera all intertwine as deeply as you’d like to go. Opportunities are endless. As an artist and calligrapher, I’m always looking for innovative uses for the art of beautiful letterforms. This little book is just one of countless expressions possible.

Do you have any ideas you’d like to share and possibly feature at a Penabler meeting? Write me and let’s explore together! Love from the Atlanta Penablers, ~Anne Elser

5 thoughts on “Envelope Book Meeting Shots and Instructions

    • Thanks, Anne. One day I’d love to come to one of your workshops. I used to have a cousin near Atlanta whom I’d love to have visited and stayed with, but she’s moved to the coast.

  1. Anne, your teaching style is so pleasant and fun! Thanks to all who came and to those of you who couldn’t make it – you missed a good one!

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